Whitepaper: EYEcercise App for VisionOS


"EYEcercise: A Comprehensive Eye Exercise Application for VisionOS Targeting Eye Health Across All Ages"


The EYEcercise app is a pioneering application designed for VisionOS, offering interactive eye exercises to promote eye health, alleviate eye strain, and address vision decay in the aging population. With a freemium model and a paid premium version, the app leverages augmented reality (AR) and VisionOS's capabilities to provide an engaging user experience. This whitepaper explores the problem, background, solution, current features, future enhancements, monetization strategy, research on eye exercises, aging-related vision decay, conclusion, and references related to the EYEcercise app.

Problem Statement

The increasing reliance on digital devices and the natural decay of vision over time necessitate an engaging and accessible solution for eye care. The EYEcercise app aims to fill this gap, offering both free and premium interactive eye exercises.



Current Features

The app contains the following main components: